July 8, 2018

Our Services

DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANCY: Development Consulting, Education Solutions & Development, Admissions & Scholarships Processing, Tour Management and Trips Facilitation, ICT Development & Integration, Business Modelling, Development and Rebranding.

Visiting, Evaluating, Assessing, Valuing and Reporting of Organizational Infrastructure and Management/Operational Status. A comprehensive report with professional recommendations be produced after the assessment.

INFORMATION & DATA MANAGEMENT: Digitization Services: Digital backup of all systems contents on a stand-alone storage hub or on cloud or both. Conversion of all records into a computerized format.

INTERNET & NETWORKING: Provision, Monitoring, Servicing and Maintenance of Internet Facilities and Broadband Services. Design, deployment and integration of network equipment and networking infrastructure.

ICT SERVICES: Management, Training, Contracting, Supply, Installations & Negotiating. Facilitation and negotiation of contracts, projects
partnership & collaborations between two or more parties. Edu-Portal Development, Educational Software Development, Security Solutions (Surveillance) & online and virtual learning solutions.